Forage Mixtures

With proper management, pastures represent one of the best, as well as less expensive, sources of feed for your animals.  Whether grazed or taken for hay, Forage First® forage grasses and legumes offer high yield potential, optimum nutritional values, improved disease resistance and increased stand persistence.  Planting a new pasture is a commitment to maximizing the productivity of your land, and Forage First® Premium Forages will help you achieve your goal.  

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All Forage First® mixtures contain formulations of top performing forage varieties.  Each variety contributes improved yield potential, higher nutritional value and increased stand life.  That’s because all Forage First® varieties are backed by years of research and development.

Forage First® Mixes offer:

  • Premium blends of top-performing forage grass varieties
  • High-yielding forage formulations with excellent nutritional value
  • Little to no endophyte fungus (endophyte-free)
  • Ability to be productive during rotational grazing
  • Improving quality hay production
  • Tolerance to heavy traffic
  • Excellent regrowth