Kentucky Bluegrass

Bluegrass Specifications
  • Seeding Rate: 2-3 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
  • Germination: 10-25 days
  • Growth habit: rhizomes, tillers
  • Approx. seeds/pound: 2,200,000
  • Blade: 2-4mm, boat-shaped tip
  • Uses: Lawns, Athletic Fields, Commercial, Golf Course, High Maintenance. Ideal in Sun.
  • Identification: A dense, sod forming, long-lived, perennial cool season grass that is winter hardy. Plants spread by rhizomes. Leaf texture is boat shaped to the tip and has a folded leaf vernation (stem) with a smooth top side and a dull underside.
  • Establishment: Is slow to germinate and slow to establish. Aggressive to spread and fill in once established.
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed