VersaGrass™ derives its name from its ability to be used for nearly any application or to serve any purpose. It is excellent at handling a wide range of soil types and weather conditions.  VersaGrass™ is a 4-way mix of bromegrass, perennial ryegrass, late-maturing orchardgrass, and early-maturing timothy.  These four components each serve a unique purpose while together providing maximum flexibility.  VersaGrass™ works great as a spring seeding in the majority of the Midwest.  With proper management, expect your first grazing or hay harvest in about 60-80 days.

  • Excellent for waterways and terraces
  • Excellent for ditches, banks and headlands
  • Excellent companion for alfalfa and clovers
  • Works great for permanent pastures
  • Improved varieties for better forage
  • Easier to establish than straight bromegrass

crossecoat-icons-02 Includes CrosseCoat™, an elite platform of proven seed coating and treatments to enhance germination, establishment and survival.

Seeding Rate for Mixture:

25-30 lbs/acre

VersaGrass™ Tech Sheet